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African Fashion Night - Main Event - May 25th

African Fashion Night - Main Event - May 25th

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Come join us on 25th May, 2024 for the main event of the African Fashion Night.

VIP Couch Experience:
Step into a world of luxury with our VIP Couch Experience, where you and a companion are treated to an exclusive night of indulgence. Picture yourself in prime seating on a plush couch, designed for two, ensuring you have the some of the best views in the house. But that's not all – your evening will be accompanied by a complimentary bottle of champagne, adding a touch of sparkle to your VIP experience. Elevate your event experience and embrace the allure of our VIP Couch – where luxury knows no bounds.

VIP - Seated - Front Row Access:
Elevate your view and soak in the glamour with our VIP Front Row Access. This ticket category guarantees you a coveted spot at the forefront of the runway, providing an unobstructed view of every fashion moment. Immerse yourself in the energy of the event and enjoy the VIP treatment, making your night at the African Fashion Night truly memorable.

Standard - Seated Ticket:
Opt for comfort and style with our Seated Ticket category. Enjoy the show from a designated seat, providing a perfect balance between proximity to the runway and a relaxed atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the fashion spectacle while seated comfortably, surrounded by fellow fashion enthusiasts.

Standing Ticket:
For those who prefer a more dynamic and social experience, our Standing Ticket category allows you to move and mingle while enjoying the fashion extravaganza. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, with the flexibility to explore different viewpoints and engage with the energy of the crowd.

Early Bird Special - Limited Availability!
Secure your spot in style with our exclusive Early Bird tickets. This limited-time offer allows you to be among the first to claim your seat at the African Fashion Night extravaganza. Embrace the excitement and anticipation with our Early Bird Special, ensuring you enjoy all the perks of your chosen ticket category while also relishing the added benefit of being an early supporter of this unforgettable fashion spectacle.

Whichever ticket category you choose, the African Fashion Night promises an evening of style, culture, and entertainment, ensuring that each guest has a unique and unforgettable experience.

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